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Raw Honey Australia

About Us
Bizzy Beehive was founded in 2013 by Isabel Gadea.
After living in the city for most of my life, I decided to move to a little country town called Beveridge located north of Melbourne .
It was there I crossed path with a beekeeper who showed me the intricacies of bee keeping and honey production.
Soon after I became fascinated with bees and took an interest in bees to the next level and started beekeeping and honey producing myself!
After I extracted my first harvest of honey, I offered a jar of pure goodness that is Honey to my family, friends and neighbours.  Upon tasting my first honey harvest the response was amazing .. they wanted more!
It was during this period I decided to start my small venture and Bizzy Beehive Honey was born.

About our Honey

Bizzy Beehive honey comes from our very own bees from beautiful countryside Victoria.
A natural premium quality product that hasn't been pasteurised which means that it retains all  natural enzymes and nutrients.
The unique flavours of our raw honey depend on where our bees collect their nectar and pollen.
Different flowers and seasons means every jar is distinctive.
Nature intends for honey to be raw, so that is the way we keep it!

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